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Dr. Ramesh Prasad Panigrahi, M.A. Ph.D

Dr. Ramesh Prasad Panigrahi is a lyricist, short fiction writer, novelist, playwright, stage designer, music composer and theatre director. He has written and staged 83 plays and has published more than fifty plays. Seven Ph.D. theses have been written on his works and the critics acknowledge him as one of the pioneering playwrights working for the Indian theatrical avant-garde. Panigrahi’s first play was performed in 1963 and he has been awarded by the Sahitya Akademi in 1984. The Orissa Sangit Natak Academi has awarded him in 2001 for his total contribution to the field of theatre. He writes for radio..........

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Dr. Ramesh P.Panigrahi had an exposure to films at the age of 9 since two dubbed mythological films- Janmastami and Kamsa were produced by late Raja Padmanabha Singhdeo of Dharakote (in 1953) where Panigrahi was born. Dharakote was the capital of a small estate streching 28 square miles in which around 2500 villages were included. The Dharakote palace was used by the early film makers of Orissa for purposes of shooting.

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