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Dr. Ramesh Prasad Panigrahi, M.A. Ph.D Dr. Ramesh Prasad Panigrahi is a lyricist, short fiction writer, novelist, playwright, stage designer, music composer and theatre director. He has written and staged 83 plays and has published more than fifty plays. Seven Ph.D. theses have been written on his works and the critics acknowledge him as one of the pioneering playwrights working for the Indian theatrical avant-garde. Panigrahi’s first play was performed in 1963 and he has been awarded by the Sahitya Akademi in 1984. The Orissa Sangit Natak Academi has awarded him in 2001 for his total contribution to the field of theatre. He writes for radio, television, films, and proscenium and open-space stages and has acted as the technical director of a Prahallada Nataka Troupe from Luduludi (Ganjam) to lead them for participating in the Kattai kuttu festival organized by Henne Bruin at Katpadi, Tamilnadu

As an academician he has taught English and American literature for three decades to the post graduate students of Ravenshaw college, Cuttack, Odisha (India). However, he has taught e-journlism, script-writing for Radio and television, screenplay writing and personality building at different places. He has lectured and trained the program officers of All India Radio and Television centres on the art of adaptation of poetry and fiction for the e-media. Besides, Dr. Panigrahi participates in various projects as a “writer/trainer in residence” for the young students pursuing courses on creative writing. He relates creative writing to the six energy sub-stations existing in the body and advises young students to practice meditation every day for at least ten minutes to get the battery of the inner self charged for following the visions of the inner library.

Dr. Panigrahi has written the screenplay for a Hindi tele – serial, Ristey kaise kaie, in which he has picked up short stories written in Odia language. After his superannuation as an Assistant professor, Dr. Panigrahi officiated for three years ( 2002-2005) as the Delegated Board Member of the Central Board of Film Certification, Mumbai representing the Cuttack branch.

Dr. Panigrahi has published books on painting, Odia cultural heritage, theatre anthropology, Odia culture industry and he is the first Indian playwright to write the detailed history of his vernacular literature in three fat volumes. He is the first Indian playwright to introduce indigenous folk theatrical elements into the format of modern Indian plays as early as February, 1971 and he is the first Indian playwright to get himself involved in the folk theatre sector. He is also the first Indian avant-garde playwright who has written anti-plays, counter plays, atom plays and flash-plays that cross the boundaries of the theatre genre and forge elements of poetry and short fiction. As a theatre director, he has invented the three-stage format in Odia Jatra in 1985 while writing and directing his play Lakshmana-ra Tini gara in Tulasi Gana Natya, Jagatsinghpur. In addition to this, Dr. Panigrahi has also studied the textuality of the performing psyche while collaborating with actors who come from the community of dancers, painters and musicians. Dr. Panigrahi has acted and directed in Berry Bermange’s No Quarters and directed Sam Shepard’s Rock Garden and Buried Child for the Campus Theatre, Ravenshaw College, Cuttack, Odisha(India).